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Professional Lender VS. Online Lender

Technology has created an amazing opportunity to streamline our processes and conveniences for our borrowers and industry as a whole. We have embraced using technology to enhance our relationships! Face-to-face is our favorite way of doing business. We are rated Best-In-Class by utilizing the tools available to create an amazing customer experience.

Professional Lender

Personalized Service

You choose the loan officer whom you feel listens and hears your needs and concerns best. In our case, that means a chance to meet face-to-face in a friendly and accepting atmosphere – where you are comfortable with asking any and all questions, and getting them answered. This also gives us the opportunity to understand and learn your family’s particular needs and correctly fit you into the loan that serves you best.

Loan Programs

Being educated in, and having multiple resources to draw from, your local lender is able to deal with unique or complex situations. Universal Lending is able to offer a variety of great programs including Down Payment Assistance, career-based discounts, Veteran specific and first responder focused services- all customized to fit your needs. Your Universal Lending Loan officer is both capable and competent in all aspects of residential lending.


In tandem with both in-house and automated underwriting. Your local professional can troubleshoot and address any issues at application and effectively communication with all parties making for smooth sailing right through closing day.


Having both local knowledge and close ongoing relationships with your community real estate experts, your Universal lending professionals have a winning advantage to create successful, on-time, and stress free closings!

Online Lender

Call Center Approach

You are most likely not given the opportunity to speak with the same loan officer each time you interact with them. You are referred to by loan number not by name and you may have to start your story over each time you call for an update. You have no assurance of the professional knowledge of the loan officer assigned to handle your loan.

Loan Programs

Most use an automated hand off approach to approval. They are typically not aware of local incentive programs, First-time buyer assistance loans, or the multitude of locally available career-based programs. Likewise, they are not equipped to piece together complex situations which call for the loan officer to be knowledgeable about all loan options available.


Reliance on software for decision making can allow important details to fall through the cracks or be ignored entirely – jeopardizing closing, contract dates and deadlines as well as local and state regulations. Chances are that the local professionals are skeptical of the competency of the online lender.


Because of the lack of availability coupled with an unfamiliarity with local agents and circumstances, the online lender finds themselves at a huge disadvantage to provide excellence service. Notaries and mobile closings can lead to miscommunications and inability to leverage the market effectively.